1Q: How do I download?

1A: You'll need a file extraction program, such as 7zip or winRAR. Then you'll need to extract the file(s) to your Downloads folder inside your The Sims 2 folder. If you don't have a Downloads folder there, you'll need to create one. For a lot of computers, right click and select new then select folder. You'll need to rename this folder Downloads.

2Q: Where can I get your model(s)?

2A: My model(s) will be available on my blog. :)

3Q: Where can I find the hair?

3A: I get a lot from TSR, Newseasims, Peggyzone, Rosesims, and Butterflysims.

4Q: Why doesn't the item show up in game?

4A: You didn't download the mesh or you didn't extract the file properly(refer to FAQ 1).

5Q: Where can I find the nails in the game?

5A: They can be found under head accessories, where the eyeglasses are.

6Q: What's a mesh?

6A: A mesh is the 3D shape of the item(s).